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snyder signing right to work laws that will significantly diminish the power of unions. they are not happy about it. peter doocy is live with us. >> workers in michigan can no longer be force to do pay union dues if they don't want to because michigan's legislature passed two bills and the governor signed the two bills into law to make michigan's america's 24th right to work state. and the governor rick snyder says it was not a politically driven decision. >> this legislation is about freedom to choose for workers. this isn't about a relationship between employers and at all. this is about the relation sip between unions and workers. >> union leaders lost a lot of power in michigan yesterday. while state bau americas were in the process of passing the right to work law union leaders and thousands of union workers protested outside of the capital building. it is a state that has been heavily influenced the uaw for decades but the cloud cries had no effect. >> it is official the governor of michigan is one greedy nerd and one weak geek. he when satisfied to giving thousan
to vojune a union. >> brian kelly sitting down with greta van susteren to discuss the developments about what he hopes it will do to the state's unemployment. >> the unions make their case to the employees with a closed union shop like we have had in the past employees were -- it was a compulsory requirement they had to pay the union. the union has to earn their business, earn their dues. that will put the employees in a position of having greater freedom and kroefrl the organization that represents them. but then also it will make the union more responsive. when we look to the neighbor to the south we see the pipeline in the state of indiana of jobs and job growth has been very impressive. we look at that very closely when we did our planning here in michigan as well and gaining the support for this new law or this change in our law. also about 25 percent we figure of firms won't even put your state on the radar screen without this law in place. this will be opportunity long-term job growth for our state. >> kelly also said the state is taking serious measures to make improvements to de
governor snyder and the labor union. that's because tomorrow michigan is set to become the 24th right to work state. kelly wright is live in washington with the lathes for us. >> good morning to you as well. the president will be speaking today at the dongler detroit diesel plant in redford, michigan. he is expect to do address the issue. it is a pivotal time for the state of michigan. pro union workers will take to the streets to demonstrate state lawmakers for them wanting to become a right to work state. >> we are going to get it done. ifs about pro workers. it is important to give them the freedom to choose. it is important to join a union or not. it's important not about collective bargaining. >>> he was talking about how they want to move the state forward to create more jobs for people in the state should they move to a right to union situation or right to work situation. union workers argue they are making an attack on the middle class. >> this legislation isn't about anything except an attack on workers rights and roll people back for what we fought for. >> nancy pelosi says
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. it is not clear how much money way workers were affected. hostess shut down last month after the baker's union went on strike. they called the solution terrible but it is not illegal because the money didn't come directly from the employees. >>> let's have fun now. are you ready for some country this morning? >> a big night for country music as the american country music awards show kicked off in las vegas. the big story of the night is luke brian taking home 9 awards including artist of the year. >> there's nothing better. we get to do what we love and get to do it for people that are honest hard-working beautiful people that support great music. >> he went on to thank his wife, his fans. >>> take a look at who is talking. the president is now talking mr. obama the road to michigan he was trying to sell his tax hike proposal. he claimed michigan's law that gives workers the right to choose whether or not they want to be long to a union is about politics not economics. listen to this. >> we have to say this. what we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your rights to better bargains. >> s
as early as sunday after current union contracts expire. more than 14,000 workers that handle 95 percent of the cargo on the east coast are expect to do walk off the job. >> fan me m-- fannie mae and freddie make are taking on high risk loans. the government backed mortgage companies would be allowed to charge higher interest rates in return to guaranteeing loans at risk of defaulting. the proposal would have to be approved congress. >>> president obama is spending christmas with some of the nation's bravest men and women. greeting marines at a gays near their vacation home in hawaii paying tribute to them and their family. an annual vacation tradition for president obama. that is your 5@5:00. >>> speaking of the president. fox news confirming he will be cutting his vacation short to get back to work on the fiscal cliff. peter doocy has more. >> president obama will departed hawaii for washington, d.c. late tonight leaving his wife michelle and daughters sasha and malia behind. the latest guidance we have from white house is that the president will be back here in the nation's capital wh
of transportation employees who are also union officials. their salaries are expected to only go up. here to explain is diane mass can he macedo from the fox business network. tell us how this is working. >> 35 department of transportation employees are making salaries of upwards an average of 140,000 dollars a year. not to work for the public but to work full-time for their unions. according to documents obtained through americans for limited government freedom of information act request 20 of those employees work for the national air traffic controllers association with 8 of them making more than 170,000 dollars a year and only three of the 35 make less than 100,000 a year. the lowest earner among them made almost 81,000. the study by heritage foundation said the average air traffic controller compensation is expected to rise towards 200,000 in the last five years. the average american makes 50,000 a year and average dot employee makes 70,000. federal employee unions aren't legally allowed to negotiate compensation but they can bargain on other working conditions through out the federal government
and scenes like this one angry protests by union activists. it shows protestors being hauled off in handcuffs after beiustin down the doors. they have union fees from none union employees. >> john mcafee is arrested one day after entering the country illegally. good morning elizabeth. >> it is a bizarre twist in the story making headlines for three weeks. john mcafee rushed to the hospital for chest pain after being denied asylum by the country. he was only hospitalized for a brief period of time. doctors believe he is suffering from high stress. mcaf fee has been on the run trying to escape questioning by police in belize. he's considered a person of interest in the murder of his brother. on tuesday police raised him for entering the country illegally. the 67-year-old software company founder thinks the murder was a home invasion gone wrong and he claims the belize government wants to kill him. >> now we can do something. we can blame him. >> the prime minister says he's quote paranoid and bonkers. the legal team is now preparing to appeal denial for the asylum to the constitutional court. i
who want to be there. >> chuck in florida says the problem isn't too school hours it is bad for union teachers could want keep fires. >> the good news is you are not too late. christmas xoms early. home hor the holidays ta what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up it's his job to blow things up. he calls himself the red net rocket scientist. he will be here live. ain't this aunt who turn the company around stop buys to show off his new set of wheels. donald trump with join us. part shin martin's. >> did men's are from right know. durp du >> they have vacation days wleftover? 2012. here with last minute tips for deals this holiday season travel expert chris mcginnis. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> no getting around high prices during the holidays, though, is there? >> the holidays are the most expensive time of year. the average fair is $454. that's expensive. it was typically around 300. you have to do things that give as much value as possible. one good idea as long as you are spending all of this money on air fair, dining out you need to put
. also a camp toeachers? one said no he is leaving the union. and super model stopping by. you know the jeopardy winner? he has written about book. stay away from the christmas poinsettia the leaves are poisonous. is that true? you have to stick around. it's not. fox and friends kikts ocks off minutes from now. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do >> 11 minutes until the top of the hour. the federal government slapped with another lawsuit. a california oyster farmer is asking them to allow the 40 year leak to expire. as a result he and 30 of the employees will lose their job. the land will be designated a marine wilderness area. if you have been on a diet and thought the forbidden piece of chocolate you snuck tastes so good guilt food taste better than they otherwise who you are on a diet.
liberties union is saying protect these people. we didn't abandon the e-mails because they are 6 months old. >> we have republican bob good lad. he says the bill deserves careful protection for consumer's privacy while modernizing the laws to empower consumers to do more with video consumption preferences. >> i love press releasing they are wonderful. bottom line as it relates to people who are watching it briefly historically robert walkways a supreme court nominee. what they did is do it without his consent. they made a bill that said if you want to release what we are viewing and watching you have to get the consumer's consent to do that. there's a provision that doesn't require consent. you as a consumer automatically you can share what tv shows you are watching, what videos you would like to see. >> it is two separate issues they tried to combine them into one. >> it's congress. you know they do that. >> thank you so much joe jackson. appreciate seeing you this morning. >> good to see you. happy holidays. >> to you, too. >> it is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up the state depart
for the president and other democrats who are facing a lot of pressure from unions and other groups to leaf those programs untouched. >>> we should fix it. that should be a separate track conversation. it should not be raiding social security to deal with the deficit. >> responding to questions on quitter there isn't enough spending on the deal. republicans say he needs to assess the costly programs need to be restructured. >> what i want is to get the country out of debt in a permanent way. the dig problem with us becoming greedy is not the revenue it's not the tax codes it's entitlement. >> what the plan daoes not do i raise tax rates on the wealthy. it has to be any part of any deal that he will accept. >>> back to you. >> thank you. it is time for your first degree weather. maria molina is live with the forecast for today. we are looking at yet again another day with well above average temperatures across portions of the midwest in the 60s across texas, fmemphis new orleans and across the great lakes region. in cleveland a warm start to the evening. we will see possibly record levels. we have
. >> these are nonunionized workers but they are backed by one of the largest unions in the country. we don't know what this actually means for travelers. but travelers we spoke to are definitely worried. for now that's the latest here at jfk airport. >> they have decided whether or not they are joining the healthcare exchanges. so far more states are opting out than signing up for it. here's the question, will the president's plan work? diane macedo may have the answer. >> can't tell you that but i can breakdown how the states are divvying this up. the deadline is here. they have to decide if they are going to set up their own marketplace for private health insurance or if they are going to leave it to the federal government. tell me if you notice any trends. 20 states have gone for the later option outright. they are not creating their own exchanges. montana republican state legislature requested to set up an exchange there. they will have a federal exchange there as well. indiana governor deferred the decision to governor elect. he doesn't plan onseting up the state exchange. that looks like another
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)